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Information on regular AA meetings in the Omaha metro follows the red boxes below with service committee, and Iowa outside-the-metro AA meetings.

Omaha Metro Meeting List

Local meetings on Zoom can be found at

Local meetings map can be found at

Non-local online meetings can be found at AA's Online Intergroup at

PDF of AllDays

The meetings link has all of the current meetings and is updated as we are notified.  A PDF list of meetings can be found by clicking the red daily boxes above - PLEASE NOTE: These PDFs are updated more slowly than the meeting link - LAST UPDATE: 07/18/2022


Intergroup Disclaimer

Groups are listed in this Meeting Directory at their own request. A Directory listing does not constitute or imply approval or endorsement of the group's approach to or practice of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This Meeting Directory is updated continuously on the "Find A Meeting" page at and printed periodically as the "Where & When". Please submit any meeting information changes, including new meetings, as they happen by contacting the Central Office.


Open meetings: Anyone may attend. All meetings are open and non-smoking unless otherwise indicated.

  • (C) - Closed meeting (AA members only)
  • (H) - Wheelchair accessible
  • (*) - Concurrent Al-Anon meeting
  • (**) - Concurrent Al-Anon & Alateen meeting
  • (SP) - Speaker Mtg.
  • (D) - Discussion
  • (B) - Babysitting available
  • (W-o) - Women only
  • (M-o) - Men only
  • (G) - Gay
  • (S) - Smoking
  • (SS) - Step Study
  • (BB) - Big Book Mtg.
  • (Y-P) - Young People
  • (12x12) - Step & Tradition
  • (GVC) - Grapevine Study
  • - Signer