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The Central Office has been notified that as a precaution against the corona virus (COVID-19) the following have suspended hosting meetings as indicated.

VA Hospital, 330p Mondays, 545p Thursdays, 9a Saturdays until further notice.

St John's Creighton, 730p Fridays Lower Level meeting through end of March.

St Wenceslaus, 730p Tuesdays Pacific Hollow Group, will not meet 17 March.

Augustana Lutheran, 700p Wednesday Night Group, until further notice.

New Cassel Retirement, 630p Mondays A Sufficient Substitute, until further notice.

Covenant Presbyterian, 630p Mondays Women To Women, 730p Fridays Primary Purpose, until further notice.

Open Door Mission, 730p Saturday men's meeting, until further notice.

Primary Purpose Hall, 530p Mondays, Ladies on Leavenworth, until end of March.

Presbyterian Church of the Cross, 730p Thursdays The Giving Tree, 900a Saturdays 12x12x12, until further notice.

West Hills Presbyterian, 800p Fridays, Westgate Fellowship, until further notice.

Lutheran Church of the Master, 730p Thursdays, Patio Group, through 9 April.

St Martha's Episcopal, 730p Tuesdays Foxhall, until 12 May.

St John Vianney, 730p Tuesdays Steps & Traditions, until further notice.

Bellevue University, 730p Fridays 12x12, until further notice.

St James Methodist Bellevue, 730p Mondays, Bellevue Workshop, until further notice.

Broadway Christian Church CB, 730pm Mondays I Want to Work the Steps, 730pm Fridays Wild Bunch.

First Lutheran Church, 730pm Thursdays Amigos, not meeting 19 March.

Immanuel Lutheran Bellevue, 730p Thursdays Ladies Satellite, until further notice.

Celebration Church,  1030a Saturdays What's Your Story Morning Glory, until further notice.

Twin Valley Church Bellevue, Saturday Morning Sunrise Group, until further notice.

Methodist Womens Hospital, Sunday Night BB & 12x12, until further notice.

St Margaret Mary Church, 800p Wednesdays Step Tradition Story, until further notice.

Walnut Public Library, IA, 800a Sundays M.A.S.S., until further notice.

Millard Club 5035 S 134th St, all meetings at the club, until further notice.

500 Club 410 S 16th St CB, all meetings at the club, until further notice.

Chapter VI Club, all meetings at the club, until further notice.

48th Street Club, all meetings at the club but scroll down for Zoom meetings.

Central Office, all Intergroup service committees, until further notice.

Omaha Metro Meeting List

Please scroll up for suspended meeting info due to corona virus precautions.

Local meetings on Zoom can be found at

48th Street Club meetings on Zoom can be found at

Online meetings can be found at AA's Online Intergroup at

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Omaha Metro Meeting Maps

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      Intergroup Disclaimer

      Groups are listed in this Meeting Directory at their own request. A Directory listing does not constitute or imply approval or endorsement of the group's approach to or practice of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

      This Meeting Directory is updated continuously on the "Find A Meeting" page at and printed periodically as the "Where & When". Please submit any meeting information changes, including new meetings, as they happen by contacting the Central Office.


      Open meetings: Anyone may attend. All meetings are open and non-smoking unless otherwise indicated.

      • (C) - Closed meeting (AA members only)
      • (H) - Wheelchair accessible
      • (*) - Concurrent Ai-Anon meeting
      • (**) - Concurrent Ai-Anon & Alateen meeting
      • (SP) - Speaker Mtg.
      • (D) - Discussion
      • (B) - Babysitting available
      • (W-o) - Women only
      • (M-o) - Men only
      • (G) - Gay
      • (S) - Smoking
      • (SS) - Step Study
      • (BB) - Big Book Mtg.
      • (Y-P) - Young People
      • (12x12) - Step & Tradition
      • (GVC) - Grapevine Study
      • - Signer