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Ad-Hoc ByLaws Committee

All: The ByLaws for Omaha Area InterGroup are 10 years old.  Please help us review, correct and/or update them. An Ad Hoc Committee will be meeting to discuss how to go about this and we need your help!! The monthly Ad Hoc Intergroup By-Laws meeting is the second Thursday every month at 7pm at the…
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OAIO Meeting to Discuss Proposals

Here is the zoom link for OAIO meeting on Wednesday.  If you want to particpate in the discussion about the voting item in old business tonight. Meeting ID: 897 8141 1960 Passcode: Please OAIO Ad Hoc Committee Proposal final A and P Recommendations
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What’s New in ’22

NewIn22 What’s New in 2022 News from the Omaha Area Intergroup (including the Central Office)  Creation of new web content and site – & New Meeting Guide Listing Updates can be made on meeting page or sent to Map functionality with navigation Searchable by Group or Meeting Name, District, Town, etc Automatically…
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