TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressRegionDistrictTypes
11:30 am Early Lunch
48th St. Club
219 N 48th St Omaha District 17
Noon Farrells Nooners
12 Step House
7306 Grant St Omaha District 18
Noon Friends Of Bill
222 S. 19th St.
222 S 19th St Omaha
Noon Its Getting Better
410 S. 16th St.
410 S 16th St Council Bluffs District 6 (Iowa)
Noon Hallelujah
Alano Club
1523 Vinton St Omaha District 19
Noon Drawbridge Noon Luncheon
Brother Sebastians.
1350 S 119th St Omaha District 02 Closed
Noon Nooner
Chapter VI at Hillcrest Landing
7559 Main St #304 Ralston District 23
Noon Thursday Awareness
Thursday Awareness
Temporarily Inactive
104 Galvin Rd N Bellevue District 20 Location Temporarily Closed
Noon Farrell's Nooner
Omaha, NE Omaha Online Meeting
Noon It Feels Like Ground Hog Day
Omaha, NE Omaha Online Meeting
Noon Mens Luncheon Stag Men
Redeye Tavern
8437 W Center Rd Omaha District 02 Closed, Men
12:10 pm Millard Nooner
Millard Club
5035 S 134th St Omaha District 02
12:30 pm One More Day
Center Mall Suite 105
1941 S 42nd St Omaha District 19
1:30 pm Wisdom To Know
Wisdom To Know
Temporarily Inactive
7306 Grant St Omaha District 18 Location Temporarily Closed